The Absurd Hobbies Of History’s Most Ruthless Leaders

Did you know that Joseph Stalin was obsessed with male nudes?

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A portrait of the two most brutal leaders; Stalin and Hitler | Source: Sky History

Even the most brutal leaders in history had such childish and bizarre hobbies. Have you ever imagined that Hitler the absolute tyrant, admired Mickey Mouse and was weirdly obsessed with Disney cartoons? He apparently claimed that they were by far the best cartoons to be made and was a huge fan! Unravel the most bizarre hobbies of these brutal leaders!

Joseph Stalin Loved Male Nudes

Joseph Stalin is amongst the most barbaric and ruthless leaders in history. He transformed the Soviet Union from a poor society to a military as well as an industrial superpower. In his quest to transform the Soviet Union he caused the worst famine in history and was responsible for the death of millions of people.

This leader loved nudes specifically male nudes. He did not draw nudes himself, instead he used to collect sketches of male nudes which would show off their muscles and other parts. He used to collect these sketches from several Russian artists and he would comment on them.

Joseph Stalin in his ruthless glory | Source: Britannica

He would do absurd things such as drawing something on the man’s genitals, torsos and commenting as well as writing down short messages below. These messages would be short messages that could either be humorous or sentimental which would sometimes be directed towards his comrades.

Kim Jong-il Was Michael Jordan’s Fan

The legendary ruler of North Korea was amongst the most brutal leaders as he oversaw several atrocities at his time in Pyongyang. These included ethnic cleansing as well as mass starvation.

The bronze statue of Kim Jong- il ( right) in North Korea | Source: Voa News

His brutal side was seen during his rule in North Korea. However, he thoroughly enjoyed basketball and one of his favorite players was Michael Jordan. He was obsessed with Space Jam, a movie by Warner Brothers and His…



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