Six Unexplainable Ancient Artifacts

Discover the six most fascinating ancient artifacts that have left scientists in awe!

Rameen Zeeshan
5 min readAug 24, 2022


The first mechanical computer | Source: Vox

Researchers and often amateur archaeologists produce amazing as well as unusual finds occasionally. Sometimes the discovery is so unexpected that they can’t describe whatever they’ve discovered, how everything happened to be, or how much it’s worth.

This article presents a collection of inexplicable artifacts that several individuals assume wouldn’t have occurred and even though no satisfactory explanation exists for them.

First Mechanical Computer

The Antikythera system is regarded as the world’s 1st mechanical computer. It was created to compute astronomical locations and was discovered in the wreckage of the ship near the Greek Island’s coast which was beneath 45 meters of water.

It was almost as complicated as an eighteenth-century leading timepiece, including a package with numbers in front and an immensely complicated arrangement of gear wheels installed inside. The computer’s sophistication forced researchers to admit that their notions of old Greek technology could be incorrect.

The very first mechanical computer | Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Nothing like it appears to exist and is referenced in any proven documents from the time frame when it was created. This system might not even exist, given what is known today.

The Saqqara Bird

This Egyptian plane is known as Saqqara bird which is primarily a fascinating bird-shaped plane which is made from the hardwood of a tree that was uncovered during the 1898 uncovering of a Pa di Imen tomb back in Egypt.

The Egyptian plane | Source: Wikipedia

Archeologists estimate the Saqqara Bird is 2200 years old. It weighs just under forty grams, and has a diameter of much more than seven inches. Nobody knows the purpose of the Saqqara Bird.



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