From unethical experimentation to dishonesty in results, read about history’s most controversial psychology experiments!

TThe most fascinating field that scientists study is how the human mind works, functions, and develops over time. While it is an insightful subject, there are times when psychologists have gone one step too far in their discoveries! …

From before and after war photographs to photographs of the Last Samurai, deep dive into the background of some of the most historic photographs available and engulf in history!

WeWe have all heard the saying that a picture is worth a 1,000 words right? Well, grasping onto this concept is difficult for many and they think “Hey, it’s just a picture!” However, it is much more than that, just as there are hidden meanings and stories within paintings, some…

Did you know the day to day items we use now were invented during WWI?

Do we not owe so much to WWI? The outcomes from While World War I redrew political borders, commenced the invention of modern-day weaponry, and so much more. However, aside from the major advances World War I brought about, it also pioneered the invention of numerous practical items that we…

The average life of a slave on board such a ship ended at the age of 25.

Enslaver ships traveled near the coast for many months, acquiring their shipment. Because of the horrific abuse, they had to endure, many of the hostages were in very bad health. They were all taken aboard, undressed, and then inspected by a commanding officer and a physician from top to foot.

Could Hitler and Stalin be different sides to the same coin?

While many say each individual is created in a unique way, Hitler and Stalin were different sides to the same coin. From their overall personality to nature and nurture, there are numerous similarities.

Hitler as an Individual

Opening eyes in a middle-class household, Hitler had a total of six siblings including him. Hitler’s early…

Read about 10 boycotts that played a pivotal role in changing history.

AA boycott is something very familiar because we have seen them occurring throughout history. In 1880, the boycott got its name when Capt. Charles Cunningham Boycott evicted his tenants by raising the rent in Ireland. The community came together and forced him to leave by refusing to work with him…

Before the Great Depression hit in 1929, people spent time listening to Jazz and driving was just a hobby — they were much simpler times.

Despite the fact that most history books focus on the state’s postwar revival, the 1920s were a period of considerable expansion and transformation for several Americans. The revenue increased over this period, allowing individuals to buy additional things as well as put more effort into recreation. …

Did you know the first scientist to discover that animals have a mind too was black?

While being forced to the sidelines, denied employment, as well as denied acknowledgment for great achievements, Negro scientists have historically remained engaged in key advancements in science, from the very first cure for leprosy to the founding of the GPS.

This article highlights dark-skinned scientists from a variety of fields…

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